Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Oh...the IRONY!

Hahaha.  Love it.  Setting up my blog, and the default picture is what you see.  Simple...serene...invokes a feeling of happiness.  Or does it?!  Right now I am buried in a world of snow and cold, so anything with bright happy colors is appealing.  But look closer, (as I always do...I'm a sucker for the fine print!). 

Dandelion seeds blowing in the wind.  Seriously?  Cute and fun in theory...make a wish and BLAH BLAH BLAH....but in reality, NOT COOL.  Who likes Dandelions?  Not me.  Not the neighbor shooting you dirty looks when you neglect your mowing.  If we all spent our days blowing around dandelions that have gone to seed...our landscapes would be in a world of hurt.  And I'm not just talking eye sore issues.  Dandelions growing out of control... pillaging our soils of the nutrients we need to grow shortages...starvation....death.  Right?  I see a doomsday movie script here...

OK, maybe not.  A little extreme, even for me.  But, hence the title of my blog.  A Happiness Project.  I am working on one.  Negative Nancy...Debbie Downer....pick one, its mostly me.  Not sure how or why...just know it has to change!  My cup is half full in 2011!!

So for now...or at least the rest of today...dandelions?  Fun!

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