Monday, January 24, 2011

Need more hours in the day

For Xmas my husband purchased me the book THE HAPPINESS PROJECT by Gretchen Rubin,(two high fives to him) hence my inspiration for this blog.  Have I read it?  Not yet.  My quest for balance and ultimate happiness includes weight loss.  A significant amount of it.  However... now that this has been added to the list, somethings have to give.  My reading has dropped off, but I have been well intentioned.  So much so that I have been carrying this book around with me, and moving it around my house in hopes that I will see it some other time than bedtime when I am exhausted, but now it is lost in my abyss. 

When I do get around to reading it...I hope it rocks!  The author better not be a single lady with no kids and no job, or I will snap.  And she had better not be rich, with all of the world's wonders at her finger-tips.  I don't think this is the case...and therefore I am stoked. 

The last year I have really been taking time to do things that I find fun, and stop waisting my precious "self" time on things that are not.  The funny thing I have noticed is that what I find FUN can change quicker than I thought.  I think the key to an unfulfilled life is doing and defining yourself the same way for your whole life.  Acknowledging and embracing change is not easy, and it may require distance between yourself and the people in your life.  So for me, defining FUN needs to change.  I need to find FUN in more than one thing that usually involves me by myself. 

Playing with my kids in the snow and having them cry and freak out because it is too cold and wet and too hard to navigate through the volumes of snow we have.....FUN, right?  I don't buy it just now...but I'm working on it.

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